Moving Beyond Facebook, FTC order Probe of Social Media Sites over COPPA and other Advertising Practices

The FTC and the attorneys general across the nation have suddenly awakened to the ongoing monopoly issues driven by the monopoly power of Google and Facebook. Expanding on the actions already underway against Google, the FTC has now issued an investigative order under Section 6(b) of the FTC Act. The FTC is seeking information specifically […]

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Wearable Tech Triggers New Demands for Privacy Protections from Senator Amy Klobuchar

U.S. Senator and former state attorney general Amy Klobuchar publicly sent a letter to the department of Health and Human Services to urge guidance on the use of fitness trackers and other networked devices that capture personal data. Klobuchar’s request for guidance just weeks before the inauguration of a new administration likely signals an interest […]

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Online Students Outperforming Early Predictions

Data gaps also highlight different outcomes for students depending on income and race A new study of MAP Growth testing for students in grades 3-8 have provided some promising suggestions that the effort to move schools online has not harmed development in reading or math education. A comprehensive study of national test data by NWEA show that […]

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Pressure on TikTok Grows from Snap

Although TikTok has won a temporary injunction from the Trump Administration’s effort to bar the company’s collection of U.S. users’ data, the political pressure is now being supplemented by new competition. Snap, an independent public company, announced the release of Spotlight, a service that will functionally mirror the social video feeds that predominate as TikTok’s […]

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Facebook Pushes Forward with App Integration

Campaign trails converge with economic realities to recognize the need to manage megamergers Last year the New York Times reported that the FTC had been making initial efforts to enjoin Facebook from technically integrating the communications platforms it acquired through merger, enabling regulators or Congress an opportunity to revisit the appropriateness of these mergers. The […]

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