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Jon M. Garon, Parenting for the Digital Generation – The Parent’s Guide to Digital Education and the Online Environment (Rowman & Littlefield 2022) (forthcoming).

Jon M. Garon, Intellectual Property Law and Practice: A contemporary Approach (Interactive Casebook Series) (West Academic 2022) (forthcoming).

Jon M. Garon, Law Professor’s Desk Reference (Carolina Academic Press 2021).

Jon M. Garon (Co-Author), Entertainment Law in the United States and China (Jingsh International 2021).

Jon M. Garon, A Short & Happy Guide to Privacy and Cybersecurity Law (West Academic 2020).

Jon M. Garon, The Independent Filmmaker’s Law & Business Guide – Financing, Shooting, and Distributing Independent and Digital Films (A Cappella Books/Chicago Review Press, Third Edition 2021).

Jon M. Garon, Entertainment Law & Practice (Carolina Academic Press Third Edition 2020) (with Teacher’s Manual).

Jon M. Garon, Entertainment Law & Practice Supplements (Carolina Academic Press 2012, 2010, and 2007).

Jon M. Garon, The Entrepreneur’s Intellectual Property & Business Handbook (Manegiare Publications Second Edition 2018) (First edition: Own It – The Law & Business Guide to Launching a New Business through Innovation, Exclusivity, and Relevance (Carolina Academic Press 2007)).

Jon M. Garon, Pop Culture Business Handbook for Cons and Festivals (Manegiare Publications 2017).



Jon M. Garon Burn Rate (2019).

Law Review Articles

Jon M. Garon, Beyond the First Amendment: Higher Education’s Need for Procedural Safeguards to Mute Social Media Outrage, 40 Quinnipiac L. Rev. __ (2022) (forthcoming).

Jon M. Garon, To be Seen but Not Heard: The Internet’s Impact on the Constitutional Right to Privacy, Speech, and Autonomy for Minors, __ Mercer L. Rev. __ (2022) (forthcoming).

Jon M. garon, Towards a Conceptual Framework of Entertainment Law for the Twenty-First Century, 102 J. Pat. & Trademark Off. Soc’y __ (2022) (forthcoming).

Jon M. Garon, Constitutional Limits on Administrative Agencies in Cyberspace, 8 Belmont L. Rev. 499 (2021).

Jon M. garon, Dysregulating the Media: Digital Redlining, Privacy Erosion, and the Unintentional Deregulation of American Media, 72 Me. L. Rev. 45 (2020).

Jon M. Garon, The Empires Strike Back: Reassertion of Territorial Regulation in Cyberspace, 3 J.L. & Tech. at Texas 1 (2019).

Jon M. Garon, Cyber-World War III: Origins, 7 J.L. & Cyber Warfare 1 (2018).

Jon M. Garon, Ownership of University Intellectual Property, 36 Cardozo Arts & Ent. L.J. 635 (2018).

Jon M. Garon, The Once and Future Profession: Autonomy, Intellectualism, and Obligation, 48 Toledo L. Rev. 253 (2017).

Jon M. Garon, Seeking to Promote Security over Privacy and Achieving Neither, 19 SMU Sci. & Tech. L. Rev. 351 (2016).

Jon M. Garon, Hidden Hands that Shaped the Marketplace of Ideas: Television’s early transformation from Medium to Genre, 18 U. Denver Sports & Ent. L.J. 29 (2016).

Jon M. Garon, The Lawyer’s Role in Promoting the Use of Fair Use, 6 J. Int’l Media & Ent. L. 101 (2016) (Biederman Institute at Southwestern Law School in association with the ABA Forum on Communication Law and Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries).

Jon M. Garon, Journal Introduction, Finding Purpose in a Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law, 1 J. Ent. & Sports L. v (2015) (Karnataka State Law University).

Jon M. Garon, To Promote the Progress: Incentives, Exclusives, and Values to Build a more Perfect Creative Culture, 40 Ohio N. L. Rev. 467 (2014).

Jon M. Garon, Commercializing the Digital Canvas: Renewing Rights of Attribution for Artists in the Networked Economy, 1 Tex. A&M Law. Rev. 837 (2014).

Jon M. Garon, Tidying up the Internet: Take Down of Unauthorized Content under Copyright, Trademark and Defamation Law, 41 Capital U. L. Rev. 513 (2013).

Jon M. Garon, Digital Hollywood2.0: Reimagining Film, Music, Television and Publishing Distribution as a Global Artist Collaborative, 21 Mich. St. Int’l L. Rev. 563 (2013) reprinted Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts Handbook (West 2014); reprinted 1 J. Ent. & Sports L. 32 (2015) (Karnataka State Law University).

Jon M. Garon, Legal Education in Disruption: The Headwinds and Tailwinds of Technology, 45 Conn. L. Rev. 1165 (2013).

Jon M. Garon, Beyond the First Amendment: Shaping the Contours of Commercial Speech in Video Games, Virtual Worlds and Social Media, 2012 Utah L. Rev. 607 (2012), reprinted Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts Handbook (West 2013).

Jon M. Garon, Mortgaging the Meme: Financing and Managing Disruptive Innovation, 10 Nw. J. Tech. & Intel. Prop. 441 (2012).

Jon M. Garon, The Heart of the Deal: Intellectual Property Aspects in the Law & Business of Entertainment, 17 J. Int. Prop. L. 443 (2012).

Jon M. Garon, Revolutions and Expatriates: Social Networking, Ubiquitous Media and the Disintermediation of the State, 11 J. Int. Bus. L. 293 (2012).

Jon M. Garon, Technology Requires Reboot of Professionalism and Ethics for Practitioners, 16 J. Internet L. 3 (2012).

Jon M. Garon (Co-authored with Elaine Ziff), The Work for Hire Doctrine Revisited: Startup and Technology Employees and the Use of Contracts in a Hiring Relationship, 12 Minn. J.L. Sci. & Tech. 489 (2011) (republished 2012 Intellectual Property Law Review (Thomson Reuters)).

Jon M. Garon, Content, Control and the Socially Networked Film, 48 U. Louisville L. Rev. 771 (2010), reprinted Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts Handbook (West 2011).

Jon M. Garon, Searching Inside Google: Cases, Controversies and the Future of the World’s Most Provocative Company, 30 Loyola L.A. Ent. L. Rev. 429 (2010).

Jon M. Garon, The Implications of Informatics on Data Policy, 1 Media L. Rev. 16 (2010) (NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, India).

Jon M. Garon, Wiki Authorship, Social Media and the Curatorial Audience, 1 Harv. J. Sports & Ent. L. 95 (2010).

Jon M. Garon, Reintermediation, 2 Int. J. of Private Law 227 (2009) (republished in Synergies and Conflicts in Cyberlaw (2008) (Sylvia Kierkegaard, Ed.).

Jon M. Garon, Playing in the Virtual Arena: Avatars, Publicity and Identity Reconceptualized through Virtual Worlds and Computer Games, 11 Chapman L. Rev. 465 (2008).

Jon M. Garon, What if DRM Fails?: Seeking Patronage in the iWasteland and the Virtual O, 2008 Mich. State L. Rev. 103 (2008).

Jon M. Garon, To Make a Difference: Dean as Producer, 39 U. Tol. L. Rev. 297 (2008).

Jon M. Garon, Take Back the Night: Why an Association of Regional Law Schools will Return Core Values to Legal Education and Provide an Alternative to Tiered Rankings, 38 U. Tol. L. Rev. 517 (2007).

Jon M. Garon, Acquiring and Managing Identity Interests, 1 Fla. Ent. L. Rev. 39 (2006).

Jon M. Garon, Normative CopyrightA Conceptual Framework for Copyright Philosophy & Ethics, 88 Cornell L. Rev. 101 (2003).

Jon M. Garon, Entertainment Law, 76 Tulane L. Rev. 559 (2002).

Jon M. Garon, The Electronic Jungle: The Application of Intellectual Property Law to Distance Education, 4 Vand. J. Ent. L. & Prac. 146 (2002).

Jon M. Garon, Media and Monopoly in the Information Age: Slowing the Convergence at the Marketplace of Ideas, 17 Cardozo Arts & Ent. L.J. 491 (1999).

Jon M. Garon, Star Wars: Film Permitting, Prior Restraint and Government’s Role in the Entertainment Industry, 17 Loyola Entertainment L.J. 1 (1996). Reprinted, Robert Thorne & John David Viera, Ed., Entertainment, Publishing & the Arts Handbook, 1997-1998 Edition (West Group 1997).

Jon M. Garon, Charity Begins at Home: Alternatives in Nonprofit Regulation, 2 W. St. U. Consumer L.J. 1 (1993).

Note, The Director’s Choice: The Fine Line Between Interpretation and Infringement of an Author’s Work,12 Colum.-VLA J.L. & Arts 277 (1988).


Book Chapters

Jon M. Garon, Legal Issues for Database Protection in the US and Abroad, in Bioinformatics Law: Legal Issues for Computational Biology in the Post-Genome Era (Jorge Contreras ed., Edward Elgar Publishing 2d Ed. 2021).

Jon M. Garon, Chapter 6: White v. Samsung Elecs. Am., Inc., 971 F.2d 1395 (9th Cir. 1992), Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Property Opinions (Eloisa C. Rodriguez-Dod and Elena Maria Marty-Nelson, eds., Cambridge University Press 2020).

Jon M. Garon, Corporate Computer Crimes, Corporate Criminal Liability (Dr. Aisha Ahmed Sharfi, ed., Alliance University Press 2021).

Jon M. Garon, AI and the Labor Laws, The Law of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines (Ted Claypoole, ed., American Bar Association 2019).

Jon M. Garon, Reordering the chaos of the virtual arena: harmonizing law and framing collective bargaining for avatar actors and digital athletes, The Law of Virtual and Augmented Reality (Edward Elgar Publishing 2018).

Jon M. Garon, Forecasting the Role of Social Media Law for Sports in a Global Context, in Handbook of American Sports Law (Michael McCann ed., Oxford University Press 2017).

Jon M. Garon, Copyright at the Crossroads of Commerce, Culture and Creativity, in Estudos Avançados em Direito de Autor (Copyright Advanced Studies) (Leonardo Machado Pontes, ed., Elsevier 2014).

Jon M. Garon, The Band – Artistic, legal and financial structures which shape modern music, in Music and Law (Mathieu Deflem ed., Emerald Group Publishing 2013).

Jon M. Garon, Legal Issues for Database Protection in the US and Abroad, in Bioinformatics Law: Legal Issues for Computational Biology in the Post-Genome Era (Jorge Contreras ed., American Bar Association 2013).

Jon M. Garon, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secret and Publicity Rights Concerns, in Emerging Legal Issues in RFID and Other Contactless Data Exchange Systems: What Lawyers Should Know (Sarah Jane Hughes ed., American Bar Association 2012).

Jon M. Garon, Localism as a Production Imperative: An Alternative Framework for Promoting, Intangible Cultural Heritage, in Transnational Culture in the Internet Age (Sean A. Pager & Adam Candeub eds., Elgar Publishing 2012).

Jon M. Garon, Google, Fairness and the Battle of the Books, in The 2010 IP Book (Midwest Intellectual Property Institute 2010).

Contributor, Annual Review of Intellectual Property Law Developments 2006-2008 (George Jordan ed., ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law 2009).

Jon M. Garon, Theater Law: Cases and Materials (Robert Jarvis, et. al., Carolina Academic Press, July 2004) (with Teacher’s Manual).


Other Publications

Scarlett Johansson v. Disney, Legal Talk Network Podcast,, Aug. 18, 2021.

How To Fix The Internet–Address the Business Model, not the 1st Amendment, Law360 In-Depth,, Feb. 17, 2017.

South Florida’s high cybercrime rate requires strategic response, Miami Herald, Dec. 26, 2017.

Social Media and Online Content Create a Growing Concern for Litigation Management, Lex Loci (Kentucky Bar Association Magazine) (Jun. 2014).

Revisiting the Public Performance Right in the Battle over Broadcast, Business Law Today (ABA Business Law Section) (Nov. 2013).

Reshaping Legal Education to Match the New Normal, ABA Legal Rebels, New Normal Blog (Jan 2, 2013).

Death in Cyberspace – Protecting Digital Estates, Ohio Lawyer (March/April 2012).

New Legislation Renews Conflict between Content Creators and Content Distributors, Business Law Today (ABA Business Law Section) (Dec. 2011).

Supreme Court to Visit role of GPS Tracking for Warrantless Searches, Lex Loci (Kentucky Bar Association Magazine) (Dec. 2011).

Recent NLRB Administrative Decision Affirms Board’s Approach to Facebook, CBA Report, Cincinnati Bar Association (Nov. 2011).

A Dean’s View of the Horizon, Bench & Bar of Minnesota (August 2008).

Minnesota Reflections on a Century of Change and Stasis: Roscoe Pound’s Visit to St. Paul, 30 Hamline. L. Rev. 489 (2007).

The Rise of the Pagodas, World Intellectual Property Review (2006).

Nonprofits in Cyberspace: An Introduction to the Practical and Legal Hurdles of the New Frontier, American Bar Association Annual Meeting (July 2000) (co-authored with Lisa Runequist).