Inferential Surveillance

I will be presenting at a program for Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield (or just FloridaBlue) soon. As part of that program, I walk attendees through the fundamentals of privacy and cybersecurity, helping them identify how to protect themselves from hackers and phisher, from misuse of their information by employers, and misuse of their information […]

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NFTs, Metaverse, and More at ABA Business Law Section Annual Meeting

For those attending the ABA Business Law Section Annual Meeting (either in person or virtually), I have two upcoming events in DC: The Digital Media, Gaming & Entertainment Subcommittee of the Cyberspace Committee invites you to attend our upcoming open committee meeting with the title New Media, New Regulators, and New Court Friday 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Eastern Morgan, Lobby Level – […]

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Jon Garon, Legal Implications of the Metaverse

Legal Strategies for the Metaverse and the Evolving Media Landscape

Here is information on a recent ABA Business Law Section Cyberspace Committee presentation. I have attached the slide deck and link to the draft paper. This program will explore 2021’s significant changes to streaming, gaming, and online social engagement with an emphasis on the rapid growth of virtual reality, augmented reality, and the implications of […]

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Thought on the Legal Strategies for the Metaverse

I will be presenting a 90-minute talk on the legal implications of a metaverse and how the potential for the next phase of virtual worlds will be substantially different than those of Second Life and the earlier efforts. The program will be presented at the American Bar Association, Business Law Section Cyberspace Committee Jan. 19, […]

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National Cybersecurity Day Jan. 28th

This week marks National Cybersecurity Day. The National Cybersecurity Alliance is promoting public information and awareness on the need for greater understanding of individual privacy rights and the infrastructure needed to protect those rights. Civil liberties are only free if they are protected. As we grapple with the increasing power of private corporations, public agencies, […]

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Halo by Amazon

Wearable Tech Triggers New Demands for Privacy Protections from Senator Amy Klobuchar

U.S. Senator and former state attorney general Amy Klobuchar publicly sent a letter to the department of Health and Human Services to urge guidance on the use of fitness trackers and other networked devices that capture personal data. Klobuchar’s request for guidance just weeks before the inauguration of a new administration likely signals an interest […]

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