The Entrepreneur’s Intellectual Property & Business Handbook, 2nd Edition

Jon M. Garon, The Entrepreneur's Intellectual Property & Business Handbook 2nd Edition

The Entrepreneur’s Intellectual Property & Business Handbook offers a comprehensive guide for using a customer-focused design approach and intellectual property tools to build long-lasting, successful business enterprises. It explains the key business and legal strategies essential for start-ups and small businesses. Through examples from successful companies, lessons from failed experiments, and sample documents, it provides a roadmap for any business towards success.

The book is used by entrepreneurs, legal clinics, small business development centers, and business advisers to help entrepreneurs differentiate their products and services in a very competitive market. It emphasizes that not every business needs a patent portfolio, but every business needs to combine business strategy with intellectual property protections to build itself in a way that avoids being copied by the competition.

The book is written by Jon M. Garon, a professor of law who has served as dean of both law schools and management schools. His work focuses extensively on legal and business disruption and how the best entrepreneurs manage change in tumultuous environments.

The book offers a one-volume MBA curriculum, covering such topics as entrepreneurship, start-ups, exclusivity, relevance, distinctiveness, pricing, financing, franchising, leverage, IPOs, founders’ agreements, user design, copyright, trademark, patent, publicity rights, trade secrets, partnerships, corporations. limited liability companies, private placement memoranda, business plans, securities sales, crowdsourcing, crowd financing, accredited investors, marketing, branding, consumer demand.

Although the book is available for purchase on, a free copy of the PDF is also available here.