Training & Workshops

With more than thirty years of professional experience, Professor Garon has worked with entrepreneurs, artists, nonprofits, and advisory boards to help them achieve their personal, legal, financial, and professional goals.

Professor Garon has also served as a faculty member for national training academies.

Professor Garon helps entrepreneurs unlock value in their “hidden” IP portfolio. It does not take expensive patent protection to build strong IP. Lessons from The Entrepreneur’s Intellectual Property & Business Handbook have been instrumental in helping businesses of all kinds implement strategies to harness their resources and thrive in the modern economy.

I am a teacher, first and foremost. Working with clients, artists, or businesses lets me make an immediate impact through my teaching on their lives, livelihoods, and futures. This is particularly true for people coming from underserved communities. Making a difference in people’s lives makes all the effort worthwhile.

In Parenting for the Digital Generation, he outlines effective steps and strategies for parents and teens to cope with their online experience. Through evening and day-long workshops, he helps families turn the battles over screentime into positive, shared approaches to using modern technology for its great benefits while reducing the drawbacks.

Professor Garon also works regularly with artists, including filmmakers, musicians, graphic novelists, and others. His books on Independent Filmmaking and on the Business of Pop Culture bring the disciplines of law, finance, and regulation to the promotion of art and culture.

Finally, as an educator and higher education administrator as well as a lay-leader in the nonprofit sector, Professor Garon has experience with a wide variety of challenges facing nonprofit organizations and how to manage the challenges posed by fundraising, constituency management, board development, succession planning, and the disruptive nature of new technologies on traditional business models.

Whatever your organization’s needs, Professor Garon is happy to craft a workshop or training program designed to meet your goals and make a difference in the lives of the participants.